Our web hosting services are all Low Density which means unlike other providers, that host hundreds upon hundreds of websites off a handful of servers, we strongly limit the amount of accounts on each server to ensure everyone gets their fair share, with plenty of bandwidth, processing power and speed. This means you get a service that is much more reliable and constant, without disruptions, slowdowns and other nasty surprises.

SSD Based Servers. Instead of old mechanical type hard drives, our servers have the latest solid state technology, which provides incredible performance up to 10x faster than a standard drive. This means when your visitors click your page, our servers can obtain it for display faster than ever before.

All of our low-cost hosting plans are powered by cPanel, an easy to use graphical control panel that provides an easy to use interface and automated tools to enable anyone to build and host their own website, blog or online store. If you want to build a new website, or simply host an existing one, our plans have the tools you need, to get the job done.

With very simple user friendly tools, you can easily create, upload and manage web pages, create email accounts, or forward emails to a different address. You can even install web-based applications like WordPress blogs, online shopping carts, and forums, generate and view statistics, back up data and even troubleshoot errors on your site.

Need help deciding what the best plan would be, to fit your needs? Check out some example options below…

Shared Web Hosting

Ideal for websites of a small to medium size, shared web hosting is the perfect, cost effective method of having your own online presence. Rather than going to the huge expense of running and maintaining your own dedicated server, have us do the hard work for you. Don’t let the name fool you, you still get your very own spot on the internet, under your own domain name (like yourbusiness.co.nz) with your own account and control panel, you are simply sharing server power with others. The majority of web hosting services are “shared” and this is by far one of our most popular options.

Business Website Hosting

These days a business without a website is becoming a rarity, customers will generally try find you online first before any other method. Having your presence on the internet is becoming one of the most crucial parts to running a business. With your own website you get the opportunity to run marketing campaigns, show off your work, make your products visible to potential customers, and give people an easy way to find your with your address, phone number and business hours.
Engage with your customers effectively and stand out from the rest. Our hosting services are for businesses that require the ultimate in reliability, speed and performance to keep you ahead of the competition.

WordPress Blog Hosting

Do you have an awesome blog? Want to make it even better? Host it with us and you’ll get the tools you need to keep your blog running at full speed. Our hosting services don’t mind if you have a few extra plugins, or an influx of visitors when you post new content. With our low density technology you can be sure your blog will still perform well, even in the most testing times.

Ecommerce Site Hosting

Running an online store can be hard work, so to make it easier our web hosting services keep your shop online running smoothly without downtime, slowdowns and bugs. Nobody likes to loose customers because their web hosting went down, so we designed our servers to be extremely reliable. We have built in applications like PresetaShop, OpenCart, Magento, osCommerce and Zen Cart which you can easily install with just a few clicks to help you build your store without hassle.

Email Hosting, with Webmail, POP, and IMAP Services

Why have your customers email you @hotmail.com @gmail.com @xtra.co.nz @actrix.co.nz or some other providers address when you can have them email YOU@YOURBUSINESSNAME, it’s easier than you think and very, very affordable. Get a truly professional image which is worth telling the world about.

Discussion Forum & Social Network Hosting

If you want to host your very own place for people to talk about all kinds of different subjects, or ones specific to your niche you can do so with ease, this is the option for you. Our hosting servers have Softaculous built in, which allows you to setup MyBB, SMF, phpBB, Dolphin, Oxwall, XMB, Jcow, Elgg or other software in minutes! You can even bring your existing forum or social networking script across to us if you need a faster, more reliable hosting service.

Image Gallery Hosting for Photographers & Designers

Do you want your own place to show off your portfolio? You can do so easily with our Image Gallery hosting. Ideal for Photographers, Models, Architects, Graphics and Web Designers or just about anyone who needs to host an online gallery. With our automatic PHP script installers, you can setup a gallery running Piwigo, Coppermine, Zenphoto, and many others in no time at all.