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.NZ Domain showing “Domain Currently Unlocked!”

.NZ Domain showing “Domain Currently Unlocked!”

If you are logged into our client area and have a .NZ based Domain Name (including and you may be surprised to see a message suggesting you enable the registrar lock, showing up on your Domain Overview page.

This is due to the “Registrar Lock” feature which is common on most TLD’s not actually being a part of the .NZ Domain Name structure. This particular TLD uses a different system called a UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication ID) to transfer between different Registrars. This is a unique eight-digit code needed to transfer any .NZ domain name.

Our system will always notify you of this, as it is a highly crucial security check for other TLD’s like .com, .net and .org.

Rest assured, this does not apply to your .NZ based domain, and as long as you keep your UDAI code safe, your domain is perfectly secure and you can ignore this message.